Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hear My Heart

I went to see Billy Dean in concert tonight and it was so fun! I love his music and his voice. I love the way he tells stories to music and you can see his heart in what he has written and sings.

I love thinking that you can really see into someone's soul by what they do and do not write. It doesn't mean that everything a person writes is taken or understood the way it is intended. I have, unfortunately several times, written to people  in an effort to be encouraging or explain something only to get blasted by misunderstanding.

Yet, I still write. Because I just have to. I can't explain it, and lots of people don't understand, but things just swell up in my heart and I have to get them out. Not everyone works this way, I know. Some people bang on a piano, or sing, or make an amazing cake, or paint a picture, or kick a ball.

We all see the world around us in different ways. It would be so awesome if we could all make our hearts heard. I think if we could, we would see the world so differently and so much better.

I met someone a while back that just comes across as very unfriendly and cold, and yet when we finally spoke for a few minutes, I realized that it was just shyness coming out, but a kinder heart underneath.

How do you express yourself?
Is it your famous cake that everyone hopes you will make? Is it the way you keep your house clean? Maybe the piles of laundry nicely folded that tell your family how much you love them. Is it the pictures you hang on your wall, or perhaps the way you dress?

How do your kids express themselves? Is it that playdough sculpture they took such pride in? Or the birthday card they made themselves with a really amazing drawing of a superhero? Or how they always tell jokes and try to make others happy?

I think the way we express ourselves may be one of our talents. Now, that is also not always the case. I personally, can't sing. My kids will tell you it is pretty much torture to be in the car with me when I am singing along to a song that really speaks to my heart.
I can't sing. But I sure can appreciate the words. And the talent of someone who can sing. And the person who wrote or performs the music.

Your family may not appreciate your clean bathroom fetish until they are sick with the flu and spending a lot of time near that toilet, and suddenly you are a hero.

So what is my point? Find out how you express yourself. It may be the most important thing you do for yourself or your family. Then tell them. Point it out if you need to.

Because our hearts all need to be heard.

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