Monday, February 23, 2015

Watch out Nascar!

Men just think differently. Yeah, I'm a genius to have figured that out, I know! But let me give you an example.

My husband thinks that race car driving is a sport.

I disagree, no matter what Danica Patrick says.

I have my reasons.

You see, each day I get up and get ready and load up my van and off I go, racing around to get everyone where they need to be when they need to be there.

This process often involves getting gas, and no one jumps out and tries to fill up my tank as quickly as they can while conveniently airing up or changing my tires.
NOOO, I get to do that all by myself while I try to refigure my route to get us there on time after having to make an unexpected pit stop.

Race car drivers drive an easy loop, not me.  It does seem like I drive in circles all day, but I have stop lights, and speed LIMITS. Yep, there are these sweet guys in white and black cars with red and blue flashing lights to make sure I'm not going too fast!

Plus, the competition is all around me.

There are actually, get this, other parents who want to pick their kids up from school and get them to the dentist on time!!! The nerve!

Race car fans seems to think that doing this for 3 hours is a big deal!! I just don't get it, I do this all day long and not once has anyone asked for my autograph, filled my tank for free, or taken my picture across the hood of my van.

Maybe I need to start wearing a jump suit and driving gloves. Hmmm.....


  1. I totally think you should wear the jump suit and gloves, and then we can get that picture of you sprawled out on the hood of your mini van. I would get your autograph. LOL I love reading your posts. I miss seeing you once a week for prayer group. You make my day.

  2. Haha! Just this morning Derek offered to let me wear one of his "jumping suits" maybe I will! Miss you too! Glad your pregnancy is going well!