Friday, July 31, 2015

Perusing Blogs

So I have been perusing other blogs and I find it kind of interesting.

I realize that most blogs now have a theme.

Have you noticed how many people now are "foodies"? You know, they make these great meals with 20 ingredients of which you can only find 4 at your local grocery and you have to order the rest online or find a specialty market. Most of the time, I'm not sure how to pronounce the name of the meal or several of the ingredients. Why don't they put a pronunciation guide?

And of course once the meal is made they not only have it beautifully presented on a rustic table that has not only matching placemats (that are all clean) but centerpieces of real flowers!

I just want to know, is the food still hot when the family finally comes to the table?

If I tried that at my house, there would be mutiny! No one would wait around while I made sure the food was perfectly displayed and the lighting was right and I had pictures from all the right angles. In all actuality, no one would want to see pictures of rewarmed mac and cheese anyway (even if it is homemade).

What do you call a food blogger? A "flogger"? or maybe a "fooger" (rhymes with booger)?

Then there are the exercise blogs. Would you be an "exersogger"? I love how they could make me look like (insert famous person's name, because I don't know any of them anyway) in just 30 days! If only I had the attention span for 30 days! By day 15 I have to start all over again because it took me 3 months to get that far!

There are the parenting blogs. I enjoy some of those and think, maybe someday I will be that all around amazing. When I have dementia in my 90's I know looking back I will have been all that. It does give really old age a little glimmer of goodness.
Really, I do hope my boys will get to marry a girl from one of those parents, so they know how to do it just right.
Meanwhile, I hope my boys will eventually look back and see that we did a few things right and be grateful that we are saving for their psychiatric funds.

I do enjoy occasionally looking at the do it yourself blogs. I even have a very dear friend who writes one and is as amazing as all of her projects.
But I wonder. Are these people born with special glasses? The kind that you put on and you can see how that ugly toilet paper holder can be remade into a beautiful chandelier in 10 days or less for under $10.
How do they find these awesome "pieces" to remake? When I go to flea markets, thrift stores, and Goodwill I NEVER see these things! I only see the stuff  I donated 3 years ago, that no one else wants either.

So, I'm not any of those. You will rarely find a recipe on here, because there's no way I'm going to take pictures of our dinner! I'm not an exersogger and I'm pretty sure Goodwill has my picture on a secret bulletin board in the back that says, "Under no circumstances accept donations from this lady. They are not the remake-able items we can sell." I'm certainly not a parenting expert, just ask my kids- they will be happy to tell you! I may occasionally share a tip I find or something new I've tried.

But mostly, what you will find is me. You will find that the things I absolutely love are my faith, my family, and trying to find things to laugh about or make others laugh. When I was a kid, I really wanted to be Lucille Ball. I was pretty sure we were related and I was sure there was a young Ricky Ricardo somewhere out there for me.

Well, some parts of my life do seem like "I love Lucy" reruns, but for the most part my life is pretty much like everyone else's.

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