Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lunar Eclipse

Tonight we watched the Lunar Eclipse.

It was amazing! The moon became a dark orangish-red color. You could still see the outline of it and you could somewhat see some of the characteristic markings.

What was also amazing was the thinking.

Usually the moon is reflecting the light of the sun. But in this case the moon was shadowed because the sun was on the opposite side of the earth. So for a time we were, in the way, so to speak.

That's what got me thinking.

Here was this big, gorgeous moon. And the shadow from the earth was blocking the light of the sun so you could barely see it.

You could still tell the moon was there, but it couldn't reflect the light.

Here was a whole planet getting in the way of the light of the sun, and then the moon couldn't shine.

How many times do we, as individuals, get in the way of the light of the Son? If we aren't careful, we can get in the way.

We can do it through trying to take credit for things that aren't ours to take credit for. Like the Spirit teaching us something or God giving us the ability to do something, and then we take the glory.

I just did it myself today. At church, I was telling an experience I had with my son, but failed to mention that the Spirit whispered to me what I should say, and what a teaching moment that was for me as well as for my son. I'm certainly not wise enough to come up with this stuff, but the Spirit is!

The amazing thing is, that no matter if we get in the way, the Son keeps shining. He keeps doing His amazing work. He is always there. We can try to block Him, we can try to take His glory, but we can't and don't. He is everlastingly there. And forgiving us when we get in the way.

Eventually, the earth moved tonight. We got out of the way. And sure enough, there was the moon still reflecting the beautiful light of the sun.

So glad it's still there.

So glad He is always there.

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