Wednesday, January 11, 2017

004 Mom

 *you need to read this with the 007 theme song playing in your head

His breath was coming quickly as he raced across the room and hid. He couldn’t, no he wouldn’t let her find him.

She stood around the corner, ready to spring. She was listening for his breathing. She knew it would only be a moment, but she had to stay focused. It all depended on her success and she knew it. She had to remain focused and stay strong. This entire mission could head south if she lost this one.

She knew his tactics. She knew he was hiding. He did it well. He had lots of practice. She also knew that the thrill of this point of the chase would give him much needed adrenaline. She just hoped her determination would outlast his.

Then suddenly she heard something. It was him. She moved slowly around the corner, listening for his breath, his movement, a shadow, anything that would give him away.

There. There under the desk. She was sure that something just moved. She stepped closer. Yes, she was sure now. As she got closer, her grip got tighter, she didn’t want to lose her grip on the trigger.

Then she made the last long strides to the desk and peered under at that face. The face she knew so well. The face that was in her dreams and often in her nightmares.

 He saw her coming. He could see her legs moving quickly and silently towards him. He couldn’t get any smaller or leave his hiding place. She had him cornered and he knew it. He also knew it was the end.

Then he saw her face. At which point he laughed and cried at the same time, “Oh no Mommy, you found me!”

“Oh yes I did, and it’s to the bathroom with you mister. You aren’t getting out of cleaning it this easily!”

She handed him the bottle of cleaner and the rag with a smile and a sweet pat on the rump and off he scooted. 
She had won... this time.

 But it was a small victory because now she had to go find the other 3 and get them started. The drama and chase never ended, after all it was Saturday morning and jobs had to be done. Oh, she was fully aware that they all thought she just made up work to make them mad and keep them busy. If only they could understand how much she needed their help! So, some Saturday’s she hunted them down, others she lectured, many she yelled and every now and then she escaped to the quiet of her closet and munched on chocolate.
Right now was a moment of victory. It was time to relish it. It was time to figure out where the rest of them were.

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