Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pray On!

I was listening to a Christian radio station when someone shared a thought that has resonated with me in so many ways. Please know this is not my thought, but I have to share because it was amazing.

The idea was this, what would happen if God answered the prayer you said this morning?

Would anyone else's life be affected?

Did your prayers include anyone else? If so, were they specific? When you were calling on Heaven, did you have a purpose in mind?

I couple this with some recent thoughts of my own.

Am I so busy going to the Lord with my own agenda, have I even thought of Him? What did I think? Did I think to express my love to Him? I do that each morning with my family, do I also do that with my Heavenly Father? Have I asked what His agenda may be and how I may be useful to Him that day?

There was a man in our church who I loved to listen to his prayers, because he truly recognized the Lord for who He is. He would begin his prayers with words like these, "Almighty God, creator of all that was, is and ever will be..." and then he would give thanks. That greeting to the Lord always humbled me in my seat, to reverence the Creator.

Have I taken the time to notice his daily gifts to me?

There was a different man at church who I remember thanking the Lord for "the beautiful crisp, white glittering snow that blanketed the trees." He was so purposeful in noticing the beauties of the daily gifts of God that listening to him pray made me notice those gifts more fully and also be thankful.

There was a woman years ago that prayed as though the Lord was sitting directly in front of her. She spoke to Him in reverence and conversation, that made me at times take a peak and see if He was right there! Her prayers made me think about the relationship of Him as my Heavenly Father.

The prayer group I belonged to taught me about the power of group prayer. Many voices of many faiths all praying to the same Being who loved them all. Thanking, asking, noticing in all ways.

I also read somewhere that "the prayers of yesterday are not enough for the world today."  That gave me pause. Are my prayers enough? What does that mean?

Am I acknowledging God for who He is?

Do I recognize His bounteous blessings?

Am I being specific in who/what I am praying for?

Am I praying for others and their welfare as fully as I do for myself?

If just one of my prayers in one day was answered, would anyone else be blessed? Would my Heavenly Father know that I appreciate who He is? Would He know that I see and recognize His hand in my life, my surroundings, my world? Would I feel His presence still with me because the conversation was ongoing?

I have to say, I need to be more thoughtful in my prayers. I'm so grateful to have heard this idea. I hope that today it will help you in your relationship with our Heavenly Father.

I pray that we will be able to see God more fully in our lives, world, and the miracles all around us, and that as we do, we will acknowledge His greatness, we will trust His ability and we will help bring to pass His plans.

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