Monday, March 9, 2015


Today is the BIG Day!
Have you thought of the women throughout your life that have honored womanhood just by who they are?
Have you looked anyone up?
Have you already put something on your Facebook feed?
You are now ready to text, message, post, call, write, and do something small to say thanks.
As I was getting crazy excited about this by the end of last week I noticed something interesting.
I realized that I was becoming more aware of the little things.
The woman at the store giving stickers to my kids.
The woman who offered to give my kids her lemons for their lemon juice money making project.
The 3 women who let me go ahead of them in line because I only had 1 item.
As you look around this week, I am sure you will find yourself seeing the same thing.
Go with it! A simple thanks or just acknowledgement of an act will make a difference.
Even if that difference is only in you!
Make it a great day ladies!

1 comment:

  1. I don't know Shari Dew personally, but she has "mothered" my son. I had been listening to her cd's in my car for the encouragement. During a particularly rough week for one of my boys, he got in the car after school, heard her voice and said, "Oh good, I needed to hear this right now." She may not have her own children, but she has helped mine. Thank you Shari!