Friday, March 6, 2015

Oh I just can't let this go!
Look at Mother Teresa.
 She never had a child and look at what she did for the poorest of people of India. She was too busy rocking poor babies to worry about rockin' a bikini!
Rosa Parks did her best work when she was tired and spent and stood up for what was right, by sitting down.
L.M. Momtgomery gave generations of young women a view of sweet childhood and a joy of beauty. Sacagewea helped the Lewis and Clark expedition because her husband was chosen to come along and her value became evident because she could speak with the Natives. There is no telling what would have happened to them without her.

These women didn't change the world because of their looks, what they wore, how much money they made, what magazine they were in, or who knew them.
They made a difference because they were amazing women who chose to do good. They chose to do what is right even when it was not popular. They chose to use their talents. They made the best of the circumstances they were in. These women weren't perfect, but what a tribute they are to women!
What about the unknowns?
The girl at school who was nice to you.
Your neighbor who fosters handicapped children?
 The woman at church that is always doing things for others and never says anything, but you know because she has done for you.
The lady that works at the library and saves the cards from the books for your kids, because she knows they like them.
The woman your daughter looks up to, who kindly told her she was too good to dress like that, and your daughter listened.
The young woman who sits by you in church to help with your kids.
The nurse in the hospital who took care of you like she was your best friend.

I'm sure you don't need any ideas, but now that I am thinking about it I just can't stop. Today I am going to write my first note so I can mail it Monday.

Please share this!
Can you imagine what it will be like for the women who hear from you next week?
Can you imagine what it will do to their hearts?

We have so much power for good!! Let' show the world true power, by honoring true womanhood!

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