Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Sorry dear friends. I went AWOW. That stands for Absent With Out Writing.

It has been a very weird time for me, and honestly, not sure it is over.

Several months ago I was feeling agitated every time I sat down to write. I look back at several of the drafts and I think I see why. I was getting so worked up about what I see going on in the world, in politics, in life, that I just could no longer really hear The Voice I needed to hear. I couldn't really hear the Spirit talking to me.

And I'm not sure that I can yet. Not to say that I haven't heard the Spirit in months, more that I need to better be able to hear it and then act on what I hear. So I've taken a break.

Here's what I've learned so far:

I need to be quiet if I want to hear.
I've been so busy hearing all the craziness in the world and voicing my opinion that I'm not really listening to His truth. I have needed to be quiet and swallow my words, because really they have all been my words lately, which is why looking back I see lots of drafts and not a lot of posts.

I need to act on what I hear.
This can be a hard one for me. Sometimes I just get stubborn and say, "But I don't want to do/say/write that."
Have you ever noticed that at times what God is telling you to do goes against your natural grain? I am not by nature a quiet person. I talk loud and laugh loud. So for Him to tell me to be quiet for a while- very tough!

I've noticed more just how many times a day the Lord is asking me to help His children by making that phone call or addressing a need or saying a prayer, and yet, I still continue on with my own plans at times.

It is humbling to think of what I could be accomplishing and frustrating to see how easily selfish I can be at times.

So I may not be fully back yet, but I am also not gone.

I am simply trying to be a better listener.

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