Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher,

I just wanted you to know that my child didn't do his homework tonight.

He came home from school, had a snack, and played a bit with his brothers. Then we looked outside and noticed the wind had picked up and the trees were swaying and we saw rain clouds coming. And we watched them. We felt the air finally cool down, after a really long hot summer.

Then the rain hit, hard.

We let the drops crash down on our heads as we walked down the street to see if the neighbor kids wanted to play in the rain too. We haven't seen them in months. Haven't really been able to play since school got started.

So they played in the soaking, splattering, ear filling rain.

They rode scooters in it. They played ball in it. Then the rain slowed and stopped far too soon.

So they floated bits of seed pods and leaves down the gutter.

They splashed in the puddles with their hands and then jumped in with both feet.

They laughed and giggled and raced.

One of them jumped on the trampoline in the pouring rain.

They used their little muscles that have been sitting most of the day as they ran, jumped, scooted and splashed.

They used their ears enjoying the sounds of wind and raindrops and laughter.

They used their brains as they floated bits down the gutter and determined who would win.

Not once did they fight.

Not once did I have to worry about screen time, because no one thought of the screens.

There were a few owwies that needed bandaids and tears wiped away from slipping.

They came inside and changed and went back out and played until dark. Something my kids haven't done since last spring when it was cooler. And my husband and I sat and listened to the music of them laughing and giggling and playing. A sound we don't hear often enough now.

I want you to know, I realize the abundance of homework is not your fault. I realize that our society and "the experts" have decided that "teaching" our kids things their brains aren't ready for but look really good and fancy is super important. I realize what is expected of you each and every day is ludicrous.

But I wanted you to know that tonight my kids got a real education. They did the most important homework they could possibly do.

Tonight, they were kids.

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  1. Excellent letter very well written. I agree whole heartily with the contents.