Thursday, March 22, 2018

His Little Hero

When you think about what a hero looks like, what do you envision?

Perhaps a face damp with sweat and streaked with dirt,

Or maybe a face contorted in pain coupled with incredible strength.

A face of peace and love.

Tears of compassion and understanding.

You may notice strong arms, carrying or lifting.

Hands that are digging, pulling, grasping.

A body that is fully engaged in a struggle.

A weary, but content form.

Have you ever seen any or all of these in yourself?

I was busy getting my usual million things done and realizing that there was no way I was going to accomplish all that I felt I needed to do, when one of my kids just reached in and helped. And together we got it done.

Another day, I had my priorities wrong and was trying to do things that I felt needed to be done, but were not really essential when my little one asked me to play and then wrapped his sweet arms around me giving me a hug and patting me on the back. Priorities shifted.

This morning a dear friend called to check on me after a super big event I was part of last night. Making me smile and reminding me to take a moment to settle in the accomplishment.

When you look in the mirror, would you pick yourself as the hero for someone else?

I wouldn't pick myself.

I would probably pick that super smart, super strong, beautiful, courageous, never tired, perfect, oh wait... that doesn't exist.

Then I remember that every day my Heavenly Father picks me.

I believe He looks down and says, "Oh good, another one of my heroes just woke up. I have a work for you to do."

And then in all our doings, He sends these little promptings.
"Smile at this person."
"Reach out to ______"
"Hug your child who just broke your favorite_____"
"Make that meal your son loves, just because."
"Give that compliment to her."
"Forgive that rudeness."

 God has handpicked YOU to be a hero. He knows your face. He knows what you can do and the life He would put you in. He knows the people you will somehow have contact with. He knows the influence that you can have.

He knows that in the end, love, faith, and courage win and we are part of that in each of our "heroic" acts.

Your face may be contorted in pain, coupled with incredible strength as you give birth.
Your face may be the one with tears of compassion for a friend who is grieving.
Maybe your strong body is helping to carry the burdens of someone else who just can't carry it all today.
It may be your face damp and streaked with dirt as you help change the tire on that old lady's car.
Maybe your weary body is crawling into bed at the end of a long day of doing what you consider all your normal non-heroic things called "taking care of your family".
Your face of peace and love is healing a person who needs forgiveness.

My children have often been my heroes.  As a child of my Heavenly Father, I have that same opportunity. He has given me all that I need, and what I may lack in the moment, He will provide.

He knows there are days you will act on those whisperings and moments you won't.

And all the while He loves you!

His little hero.

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