Sunday, May 3, 2015


Have you ever noticed as you lay down on your side how perfectly made your feet are?

Think about it.
Ok, you know you are going to get down on the floor or lay on the couch or wherever to try this, so just go ahead. Get comfy and notice how your feet kind of interlock in a way.

The curve of your instep allows your feet to rest in a really amazingly comfortable way.

If your feet were completely rectangular, it wouldn't feel so great. And if you have your knees bent and rest one foot higher up on your leg that instep is really quite perfect.

Personally, I'm not much of a foot person. I think they are kind of on the ugly side and they tend to smell. I sometimes paint my toenails just because my feet will be seen and I want them to look better.

I only give my husband foot massages because of love. Otherwise, I really would not touch his feet.

I do love baby feet though. They are soft and clean and small and chubby. They are sweet.

But my feet, as unattractive as feet are, do amazing things.

They give my legs something to balance on taking me places I want to go.

They push the gas and brake pedals quite well, also getting me where I want to go.

I have picked things up on occasion with them.

I like the sounds flip-flops make because of my feet.

They give me a reason to look for cute shoes.

They do an awesome job of helping me dig with a shovel.

I couldn't dance without them.

I also couldn't walk, run, roller blade, kick a ball, and lots of other things, as easily without them.

They are wonderfully and curiously made, and so am I and so are you.

We may be unattractive, smelly, polished or not and yet what a purpose we serve!

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