Monday, May 25, 2015

The Indy 500 and Flowers?

Yes, we return to the subject of racing.

In my prior post on Watch Out Nascar I think I pretty well summed up my views on professional car racing  and why I deserve the big bucks, but I absolutely have to add my husbands further thoughts on the subject.

We were at dinner  talking about the upcoming Indy 500. Still not understanding how anyone can spend hours watching a bunch of cars drive around in a modified oval shape, my husband tried an analogy.

Me: I don't understand how you can sit and watch cars go around in a circle for hours.
Him: Look, you can go to the nursery and spend hours looking at flowers and plants and stuff and they all just sit there.
Me: huh??!
Him: What if all those plants and flowers were flying around a track over 200 miles an hour!! Now that would be something to watch!!!
Me: (pulling myself off the floor and trying to keep a straight face) Yeah, I guess that would be something to watch.
Him: So now it is time to record the Indy 500 so I can watch the elegant cars race.
Me: Did you just describe the Indy cars as elegant?
HIm: Yeah, there is a difference between NASCAR and Indy. NASCAR is like the beer version of racing and Indy is like the champagne version.
Me: Wait, I thought they use champagne at the end of NASCAR and milk at the end of Indy.
Him: You just don't get it!

I still stand by my opinion on racing, I think I do the same thing without any help and no sponsors and I don't get paid for it, but I have to say I was pretty happy to hear how the race turned out this year.
The guy, Juan Pablo Montoya (yes, my husband insisted I mention him by name) who was in the 30th position out of 33 (which is the last row) won the race. It is nice to see that sometimes in the real world those that start out dead last, can win.

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